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Art direction

Eva as an actress embraces broad characters and personas. The idea is to bring the unseen Eva to the readers despite the pandemic limitation.

Given the direction inspired by Cindy Sherman's Untitled series (Murder Mystery and Bus Driver, 1976), Eva took a series of self-portraits using her iPhone, exploring how she adapts and finds liberation through the characters she takes on.

House Notes, May 2020
Photograph by Eva Green, collage artwork by Miriam Tölke

Logo Identity design for Ketley Miller Joels LLP, a London Marylebone based solicitor firm.

Creative direction by Micha Weidmann

Title and poster design for 'The Collector'.
The clip is inspired by the Gearbox Records jazz archive, directed by Laura Hypponen, starring Zoë Grisedale.

Exhibition brochure design for London based Hus Gallery.

Logo design for Bridge Cottage Bistro, an artisan café bar in North Yorkshire.

Gift range packaging for Twinings, an English marketer of tea. The design featuring their signature portico on the Strand store.

Art direction by Micha Weidmann

Look book design for Campbell Cole, a luxury leather bag/accessories brand, crafted in England.

Photography by Ben Harries
Styling by Kenny Ho

Title and poster design for Do Not Feed The Pigeons, a loosely narrative meditation on the claustrophobia of modern surveillance society told through CCTV footage, VHS video diary, and dream sequences set in the wilderness.

Directed by Laura Hypponen, with Zoë Grisedale.

Catalogue design for Made in Ratio, a London based contemporary furniture and lighting studio, embracing experimental processes and working alongside some of the finest craftspeople in Europe.

The idea is to include the design inspiration of the piece, walking the reader through the designer's creative mind.

Exhibition brochure design for London based Hus Gallery.


Seasonal material for London based womenswear fashion label, Shao Yen

Flesh, Autumn Winter 2015
Collage by Rosanna Webster

Website design for Magnify

Seasonal material for London based womenswear fashion label, Shao Yen

Canvas, Spring Summer 2015

Exhibition design for London based Hus Gallery

Identity design for The Snapery Bakery, a London-based artisan bakery found by Richard Snapes. Great bread in supply at Druid Street Market every Saturday.

Invitation and brochure design
for the inaugural exhibition of
Art at Annoushka — Precious by Annoushka Ducas and Bouke de Vries — a month-long event take place in the flagship store of Annoushka Fine Jewellery

Topshop Personal Shopping promotion material, New York

Season material for Shao Yen, a London based womenswear fashion label

Art direction / design

Alcohol can sometimes take you to a different place and make you see things differently. Taking inspiration from the Italian classic surrealist, Giorgio de Chirico, his series of Italian Square, the five designs illustrate five imaginary places.

Cecconi’s originates from Venice, the scenes incorporate some of the most iconic Venetian landmarks.

Illustration by Charlotte Taylor

Art direction / styling

Taking inspiration from Irving Penn's still life photographs. The campaign aims to present the set in a timeless fashion with a touch of playfulness in mind.

Photograph by Tina Hillier

Art direction for'The Best Possible Taste' and 'Home Brew', both articles featured in Article Magazine Issue 10.

Photography by
Joakim Blockstrom

Styling by
Andrea Mongenie

Identity, art direction, and design for Article magazine.

Article magazine is a celebration of all things British, covering everything from art and design to culture, entertainment, and contemporary men's fashion. Published twice a year, aiming to share the things that make Britain great from an independent, individual point of view.

ARTICLE is currently in its eleventh edition.

Title and poster design for Quadraturin, an Electric Blue Films directed by Laura Hypponen.

Quadraturin is a dark fantasy based on Russian and Soviet writer, Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky's short story of the same name.


Logo design

Post, an independent boutique shop on Stoke Newington's Green Lanes.
Rejecting trends in favour of timeless lifestyle goods, the product collection includes local independent makers and brands curated by the founders.

Art direction and design for
A Magazine by Arcadia,
an in-house magazine for Arcadia Group.

Issue 12, pre-fall 2015
Published by
Fitzgerald Shurey Tarbuck

Photography by
Mattias Björklund

Styling by
Marie-Louise von Haselberg

Website design for menswear fashion designer, Jun Li.

Logo design for Tuckshop, a Shoreditch based café, London

Art direction and design for Magnify Magazine.
Magnify is currently in its second edition.


Art direction and set design for 'A Feast of Colour', an article featuring British paper merchant G.F. Smith in Article Magazine Issue 5.

Photography by
Joakim Blockstrom

Model making by
Maxwell Harrison

Exhibition brochure design for London based Hus Gallery.

Art direction and set design for "Just My Type", a feature article in Article Magazine Issue 3.

Photography by Owen Heard
Thanks to Hoxton Arch Studio

Layout design for 7th Man Magazine

Seasonal material for Shao Yen, a london based womenswear fashion label

Ripple, Autumn Winter 2014
The use of mirror paper to represent the idea of (water) reflection; the collection numbers fall in random position in the pages suggesting the idea of rain drops.

Identity design for an independent fashion label,

Photography by Raymond Tan
Pop-up shop presented by APPortfolio in Guangzhou, China


Cover collage, layout and animal typeface design for the debut issue of Liberty London Newspaper, at Liberty. Special insertion for The Sunday Telegraph
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Having completed a Master's Degree in Communication Design at Kingston University, Rosy has been working extensively as a graphic designer in fashion, art, magazines and independent brands.

She has a keen eye for detail. Art direction, typography and print production are her specialism. Rosy is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and English.

Living and working in London, Rosy co-founded Article Magazine with fashion director, Kenny Ho and is currently the Group Head of Design at Soho House.